How Is Tequila Made

How Is Tequila Made? Last week we talked about the history of Tequila. This week we found this interesting article at The Spruce about how Tequila is made. Tequila is made by distilling the [...]

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False Friends

False Friends English speakers learning Spanish should become familiar with some of the common vocabulary pitfalls, embarazada and embarrassed being one of the most notorious. These are called false friends – the linguistic [...]

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History of the Tamale

History of the Tamale Last Friday, we were enjoying our Pork Tamale lunch special and the conversation evolved to a discussion about the origin of the tamale. Here is some history… The tamale [...]

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Are You A Chile Addict

Are you a Chile Addict? Why is chile spicy hot? It is believed that the Chile evolved pungency to discourage mammals from eating the fruits because their digestive systems destroy the seeds, preventing [...]

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